RPD “abuses pregnant woman” and other various fabricated stories in trending Rochester news!

Published August 29, 2013 by thewickedwitofthewest

As someone who tends to have a lot to say, I have been relatively quiet this Summer. Scratch that. I have been INCREDIBLY quiet this Summer. Perhaps life got the best of me, perhaps I’ve been busy, or perhaps I just haven’t had the heart to involve myself in the losing battles that so many topics seem to be these days. Let’s face it: No one likes to lose, and seemingly everyday our society dips just a little further into the toilet. Not quite ready for a massive swirly, but dangerously close. Who knows, maybe that’s what this country needs to WAKE UP, smell the draino and put some emphasis on the things that actually matter in the grand scheme of life.

You know what DOESN’T matter? You know what ISN’T going to make our country safer, debt-free, or well-respected? Miley Cyrus twerking. Which incidentally I had to look up. MTV’s Teen Mom’s, while strong girls in their own rights, don’t matter to our country as a whole. Honey Boo-Boo doesn’t matter. Shark week, although entertaining, doesn’t MATTER!! Yet what topics do I constantly see flood my social media newsfeeds? All of the above. Now before everyone gets all nervous and jerky on me, I will go one step further and say that I’m equally as guilty in getting wrapped up with at least half of the things I just mentioned. And by half I mean all, but who’s really counting?

With that said, I also pay attention. Not only do I watch and read current events, but I seek them. I always desire every piece of a puzzle. If I’m not happy with a news story, I follow up, I inquire, I make phone calls. No one else can or should be faulted if they’re NOT that way, it’s just how I am. It’s the same damned genetics that gave me a short temper and a long nose. Red hair and a voice like Marge Simpson. Listen, we win some, we lose some. We can’t all be perfect like my sister, it’s just life. (KIDDING Libs)

Along with that short temper of mine comes the inclination to occasionally fly off the handle. While I love flying just as much as the next guy, I prefer to do it safely and under the watchful and restrictive eye of the FAA! SO, I’ve been a bit more careful in my old age. Thirty four was the ticket for me. No more effing around! I’m old now. Pretty soon I’ll have a bed at the Shorewinds and they probably won’t even let me blog. Or text. Or TWEET!!! Oh the horror! All I have to say is the jello better be good and they better serve strawberry! 😉

Okay, enough playing around because the bottom line is that I’m actually very angry right now, and I’m trying to use my 34 year old wisdom to restrain myself from flying off the handle without FAA supervision, or at the very least, a parachute.

Within the last few days, a video has surfaced on youtube that depicts a Rochester N.Y. police officer making an arrest. I warn you that this video is graphic and you may not want to watch it in front of children. HOWEVER it is not graphic due to the conduct of an officer. It just shows a lot of butt crack, and has a really loud lady screaming a bunch of stuff you might not want your kids to hear. This is the video:

Okay. So you watched it. Now watch it again. Maybe even again if you need to. I know it’s hard to stomach the voice of the woman in the blue dress, but just watch again and make sure you understand.

Okay class….. let’s break this down. I’ll go slowly so even Davy Vara can understand.

The video begins with the officer CLEARLY telling the perp to put her hands behind her back. Rather than simply COMPLY, she informs him that someone is video-taping and that she’ll “Call a Sergeant!” “I’ll call a Sergeant! I’ll call a Sergeant!”. RED FLAG. Who, while being questioned OR arrested, thinks to “one up” a police officer? Wouldn’t you be so distressed that you would just want to explain your situation? She IMMEDIATELY pulls the “Sergeant Card”. Right outta the gate. Seabiscuit didn’t even have a CHANCE. She’s callin’ a sergeant!!! One might think she’s danced this dance before.

Am I the ONLY one who at 15 seconds sees her continually reach for the officers weapon and him CLEARLY tell her “Do not touch that!”?!?!? She STILL didn’t immediately stop! How can the media have missed that?!? It is BLATANT!!! Quite frankly, she SHOULD have been floored at THAT point, yet the officer showed extreme restraint. I feel safe in assuming based on my own personal knowledge that she probably made out pretty well for someone pulling her shenanigans. Must be because “she pregnant”.

The woman continues to scream and babble and tell the officer that he’s being video’d. He moves her from behind the car to the front of the house where two OTHER officers were dealing with her brother. I’m no cop, but I’m thinking to myself: “Good call!” Whether he did it so that he had witnesses, or back-up, or someone to smoke a cigar with after the fact, it was a smart call.

YET, the perp CONTINUES to run her mouth and RESIST his instructions. I myself am a parent. How many times do you ask before enough is enough? That chick wasn’t even his CHILD yet he gave her more chances than would have been okay in MY house. No ice cream for Brenda Hardaway!!!

She did nothing but continue to give the officer problems and RESIST the entire time! As evidenced by the fact that even as more officers became involved, she CONTINUED to resist! She didn’t give a $hit! She was Brenda-Badger. They eat scorpions and jackals for snack time. What’s an officer to do?

So he whacked her in the back of the head? Did she deserve it? Abso-freakin-lutely. Will she be out of jail and pulling her BS forthwith? Abso-freakin-lutely! Maybe next time she’ll get lucky and get her Sergeant!

Did the officer pop her with a closed fist like I would have? NOPE! He showed extreme restraint. Again, his instructions were clear the entire time!!! At ANY point, she could have given up, let him cuff her, and sorted it out afterwards. Had she not been an A-hole, she probably wouldn’t have even been arrested! I understand the desire to stand up for your little brother, but if you’re TRULY pregnant(I’ve got my doubts), you have your own child to worry about!

How about we address the fact that although I did not see it in the video, Chief Sheppard reports that she pulled PEPPER SPRAY on the officers?!?! Despite the fact that I probably WAS a jerk during both my pregnancies, pregnancy is not a LICENSE to be a jerk. That is her reasoning?!?! “Whoopsie! Lost my self control, grabbed for your gun, pulled out pepper spray, but I’m pregnant so don’t touch me!!” THAT really makes sense!!! Maybe in Elmo’s world, but this is real life.

Should we talk about the lady in the blue dress? Yes? Okay, good. Within ALL rights, THAT woman should have been arrested too!!! Between her mouth and her erratic behavior, she was definitely hindering the officers job, and her instability EASILY could have justified her being held in cuffs. YET she pranced around screeching like a hyena during the ENTIRE video. Where is the praise to RPD for not arresting and or BEATING the stuffing out of her? I know I would have had to try hard not to punch her in the face! Screw it. Who am I kidding? Id’a punched her in the face.

Really quickly, before I wrap this up, I just need to touch on the videographer?!?! Again, WHO thinks haphazardly that they should just pick up their phone and start video-taping an arrest? I think to myself: “Okay, if this were happening next door to me, what would I do? Ummmm, make sure my kids are safe. Without a doubt. I can’t lie, I’d definitely probably WATCH. I might even LAUGH. If I thought the officer was in danger, MAYBE I’d think to video-tape, but only as a benefit to the law, not the opposite. MAYBE I’d poke the bull a little bit and throw out some comments about how I love my neighbors new jewelry, depending on whether or not I liked her.”

You’ve definitely gotta wonder why this was taped in the first place? To provide a shred of defense? To have a trial dismissed? CLEARLY these are people with experience. That’s my opinion. Jump all over me, I’m off all day so I’ve got nothing but time to field the hate mail.

Is this honestly the day and age we’re in that the media will turn anything into a news piece? Shut it, I realize that is IS, yet irregardless I can’t help but hope for better. I find it awfully ironic and even interesting that most news stations only aired clips of that video. They can hardly claim to not have SEEN the entire thing, as I found it on youtube with one hand while I knitted with the other AND ate an ice cream sandwich. It was NOT hard. They made a conscious choice to air a story that would stir the most pots. How sad is that? And how sad are all the people playing into it?

BOTTOM LINE: Stay on the right side of the law and this crap won’t happen. Show some respect and this won’t happen. Protect your alleged unborn fetus and this won’t happen. Pull up your pants and don’t show your butt-crack on youtube. Mainly because that was disgusting. Amen.


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  • what I like is they only film half of it it doesn’t show the whole thing so if there going to film something film the whole thing and not part of it they biggest part they left out was when the office call for back up because they sprayed peper srpay at him hmmm I heard the call on my scanner but that didn`t get film wonder why

    • Ken the main thing is was why they were there in the first place. A domestic disturbance and right from the get go the younger brother admits he getsout of line with the officers. Had they just said okay we were wrong it won’t happen again the police would have left with no one arrested no need to have several police cruisers and officers wasting valuable resources. Then they complain when the Pullman Avenue shooting takes 6 minutes to get there. Wonder what BS call they were on that caused a delay. The officer did nothing wrong and people are lining up against him.wasting more resources and bitching about we don’t have enough money for the schools or enough things to keep the kids out of trouble. Geez i wonder why.

  • I’ll call a Sergeant comes from years of getting results with the ploy during the prior administrations. All it would take was a complaint and the cops were in the shit.

    As a guy that investigated police enforcement situations for 15 years, this was a very minor use of force. This officer used GREAT restraint, a lot of grappling and a cuff to the head. Big deal. With her level of resistance, he would have been justified in using much more force than he did.

    You hit the nail on the head. All that needs to be done is talk with the police, and this stuff wouldn’t happen……it appears some people are incapable of that. SO they get what they created themselves.

    And the media is also to blame for the high emotions these incident spark. Did any station play the entire video ? No. They edited it to make the police look bad, not showing what precipitated the arrest. The video I saw showed the suspect pushing the officer before he ever put his hands on her.

    This IS what a large part of our society had turn into………people that conduct themselves like animals.

    • What’s the matter? Is telling someone to pull up their pants being racist? You are an idiot for pulling the race card. No matter what color the women is she was still acting like an idiot. You are a racist for jumping to the conclusion that the author is a racist when she said absolutely nothing about race.

      • agree Cathrine–woman should have shut her damn mouth and complied—if in fact she was so worried about that baby in her belly. But u can be damn sure the race card will (once again) be thrown on this case–SMH

    • What has race got to do with this ? There isn’t one mention of any racial content in any of this incident, except for the people in the video calling the police officers crackers starting at minute 3:35. There is NO mention of race in this blog. So where does YOUR comment come from ? This entire incident and commentary is about right and wrong, and social behavior, not race. The woman stuck her nose in something that didn’t involve her, and got what she deserved; locked up.

    • Seriously? As several of these responders have pointed out, she did not mention their skin color even once. Because this blogger is white and the idiots in the video happen to be black, she MUST be a racist? Your logic is outrageously flawed. Perhaps you are bringing race into this because this family is living up to the “black people stereotype.” To respond to this well-written and supported blog with “You are a racist moron,” with nothing to back up your deduction, makes you look like the moron. If you are African American, which I assume you are because of your response, tuck the race card in your back pocket. I strongly advise you to learn how to identify racism before you pull it back out in the future.

  • Broken hearted I am, let me explain. I am a Rochester native who lives in and loathes the Deep South…. I mean the DEEP SOUTH! I have never uttered any derogatory words towards anyone of another race or religion, but since living here I have been called a ” cracker ass bitch” more times than I can count. I have spent years in public service, dealing with ^^^^ this shit every day. I’m broken hearted, as I really thought that the behavior captured on this tape was a southern thing. I have no recollection of this nonsense or drama filled BS growing up…. Apparently it is pandemic and there is no escape. I’m so fed up and over the bull shit and disrespect.

  • I know a lot of people who “agree” with this abuse theory and who say that the RPD had no right to use that type of force on her. I on the other hand have to go with the RPD on this one. I know the how people from the “hood” culture feel towards the police. I was raised in the hood my self and have seen the ugly side of law enforcement. We are raised with this mentality that Cops are bad, sneaky, and/or out to get you. So automatically when a Cop shows up at your door we already have this sense of fear, defense, and inferiority towards them. But I have had to change my way of thinking towards them and broaden my view and learn that not all Cops abuse their power. In this video, I believe, the “pregnant” woman was in the wrong. I seen another video that points to her trying to grab the cops mid-section and if I were the Cop the only thing I am thinking is that she is trying to reach for my weapon, it’s my safety against hers, I need to protect myself. That is what he is called to do as an officer. Make the arrest and keep every one out of harms way, including him self. I also agree to the fact that if she is indeed pregnant, she will comply with the arresting officer to protect her baby. Maybe not even go that far and just stay out of any trouble that will jeopardize the life of her unborn child. This video, sad to say, clearly shows the level of ignorance that some people with in our society have. Unfortunately we don’t have the full story here because there is only a recording of what happened when the situation escalated.

  • As a culture these people are taught to hate the police. It is ingrained in them to oppose authority. They know all the right things to say, all the right moves to make,etc. I personally know a few police officers who start out in this line of work with good intentions. And due to the constant stress they end up getting fed up and desensitized. We all know that there are police out there that aren’t doing their jobs properly but they are not the majority. I would have arrested everyone I could get my hands on this situation. What about the woman who was wrestling with the two officers trying to free the brother. And I’m not typically offended by people yelling white cracker (often tasty with cheese and apples) but when used in a derogatory manner it offends me just as much as someone yelling nigger. I think as a society we are so worried about being considered a racist that we tip toe around and censor ourselves. Dr King dreamed of a time when every race would be equal- but we still aren’t there because we’re walking on eggshells instead if just living. Something needs to be done here. We need to stop making concessions for everyone- that’s the only way to become equal. That is all for now, rant concluded.

    • “As a culture these people are taught to hate the police. It is ingrained in them to oppose authority.”

      Im black lady. I was never taught to hate the police or too oppose authority. What you said was biased and very prejudicial. And then you are going to have the nerve to reference MLK in your post. SMH

      • She doesn’t mean “these people” as in “black people” as a race; she is meaning low income people growing up in bad neighborhoods regardless of race. How is it not racist that you automatically assume that she is talking about one specific race THEN “have the nerve” to cite that she referenced MLK in her post and SYH basically calling her a racist because she’s white and doesn’t have the right to mention MLK….because she’s white? That right there is racism.

      • i don’t think race is the issue here, i think everyone is being very quick to pull the race card. that said, to leave a comment, on a webpage that is clearly hyper sensitive to racist comments at the moment saying “As a culture these people are taught to hate the police. It is ingrained in them to oppose authority.” is a bit silly. i don’t believe that BC is racist, i just think is a poor choice of words. but when the poor choice of words cause offense, accusing the offended person of racism is just as silly. it seems to be that the real issue of police force that was up for debate has been ignored here on a racist witch hunt.

  • Huh. Despite having watched this a few times, I hadn’t seen where you indicated she was reaching for his weapon. I also hadn’t heard her shout “I’m calling a sergeant”. And, now that I’ve watched it again, I still don’t see those things. I see him forcing her hands behind his back and then saying “Don’t touch that” to someone outside of frame. I also hear another woman shouting “I’m calling a sergeant” who is also out of frame. It’s clearly obvious to anyone who isn’t looking to indict this woman without the whole story that she’s still talking when the woman yells “I’m calling a sergeant”. Look again from the 9-12 second mark. But, I guess when you’re looking for reasons to denigrate “these people”, it’s easy to overlook such things.

    White privilege is a hell of a drug.

    • you need to watch it again, and in the very begining she head butts him, and she is yelling about calling the sergeant as well as the other woman, and I agree about the other person doing something he warns them not to touch. You need to stop with the racist comment about white privilege, you have to be the racist not to see the wrong in this video from start to end. Fact is fact she did wrong and was doing more wrong to her unborn child. YOU MESS WITH THE BULL YOU GET THE HORN, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR RACE IS. . YOUR REMARKS MAKE YOU PREJUDICE.

  • How about watching it slow and right before the officer hits her in the head look at where her hands are… She had his balls in her hand. Or how about the first part of where she head butted the officer and hit his sunglasses off his face or when she tried to get his gun or when she tried to pepperspray them. Come on. I hope she rots in jail… And Shame on her for even putting herself in that situation when she is pregnant. I feel bad for that kid. This entire situation perplexes me… Since when is it ok to resist arrest, assault a police officer and think by filming it and screaming I’m pregnant gets you out of your crime. That woman and her family are nothing but menaces to society. That officer did what he had to keep safety. There was no abuse in power and he showed extreme restraint. This entire situation disgusts me and now what a waste of tax dollars to investigate this incident.

    • “How about watching it slow and right before the officer hits her in the head look at where her hands are… She had his balls in her hand.”

      I did watch it at quarter speed, full screen, zoomed in. That’s HIS hand there.

      “Or how about the first part of where she head butted the officer and hit his sunglasses off his face or when she tried to get his gun or when she tried to pepperspray them.”

      Not seeing any of that in the video. What time stamp should I be looking at?

      • You should look at the other video out there that she and “Moobs” don’t want you to see. He is wearing gloves, the hand that goes for his junk is not. Get better internet and you can see things in a higher quality. She keeps fighting the whole time. If she is pregnant and that’s a big if, she should be charged for child endangerment. “Moobs” being all happy about how it took “3 guys to bring down a 16 yr old.” Except there were two.

      • I’m watching it at the office, I guarantee you I have infinitely better Internet than you right now. Regardless, it’s an iPhone video. The speed of your or my Internet won’t make it any clearer.

      • Clear as day…that was HER hand grabbing for him…not his. Maybe someone needs to get some better glasses.

    • I agree the officer did what he had to to subdue this woman. I don’t care if she is pregnant. If she REALLY cared about her baby she would never have put herself in this situation. Shame on her and her family! I live on Selye Terrace and am sick and tired of trashy people like this family. And I don’t care what color they are. They are rude loud inconsiderate people who can’t even resolve a family issue without the police being called!
      As for you idiots all worried about white privilege I have one thing to say “bullshit”. I work my a*** off everyday trying to survive, hardly a thing of privilege. I have lived in Rochester most of my life and am now immune to any guilt because I am white. I know too many Black people who work as hard as me, who choose to be educated and do something with their lives, who are successful because of what they became through good choices and hard work. Those who are black and do not achieve, do so because if their choices. If you chose to not become educated, have children out of wedlock, commit crimes, how dare you then spew hatred about your plight in life being due to racism, and the white cracker holding you down. Your down because of yourself, what you bought into and your own racism. And you white people who buy into that white privilege crap, you have never lived side by side with those that call u racist. Try it you might get enlightened and change your tune. Black or white, few have it easy today. we all should expect from each other, no matter what color we are is; kindness, caring, consideration of others, respect for the law and each other. We should expect people to behave, without screeching, screaming, threatening and fighting. So stop blaming race and look inside all of you, white or black. You are all privileged to be living in this country and not some war-torn hell home. Count your blessings and appreciate what you have. One last thing, respect is earned not owed. Those officers had no reason to respect these people based on their poor behavior! This family should be ashamed for being so low life! Disgusting!

  • Eliza, you should shoot youraelf!! How does race come up for you? Listen closely to the video and we’ll see who the racist is. Never did the officer use racial slurs and if “put your hands behind your back” is racist then what is “white cracka”. Society in general needs a reality check.

    • Right here. About 0:16 and about 0:26. She tries to get his gun. Twice. His reaction the first time is to tell her not to touch that. The second time it’s immediate; he’s protecting his life. Any police officer takes an attempt to take their weapon VERY seriously. She’s lucky she’s not dead. Much stronger use of force is justified in this situation. She was directly threatening his safety, and indeed his life.

      I know this officer. He’s a good man, and he’s a good cop. He’s 100% in the right here.

      • You must be from Krypton because your x-ray vision is so amazing! At the 16 second mark, you cannot see her right hand at all (the side where his weapon is holstered), and at the 26 second mark these two aren’t even in frame!

        And, at the 16 second mark, he’s clearly talking to someone out of frame. At the 15 second mark, you can see his eyes shift focus to look at someone and his expression is clearly one of someone attempting to make sure the other person knows he’s talking to them. He then keeps his eyes on that person. As his head moves around, his eyes never shift from the same focal point until he goes back to put the woman in a choke hold.

  • Resisting arrest is a volatile situation. An officers first priority is for his own safety, then that of his partners, then to the general public, and lastly to that of the perpetrator. Not to mention hers should have been for herself and her unborn child, you know the one she so adamantly reminded everyone with the ability to hear of, time and again! Her lack of morals (to put it politely) set aside, the moment she went to grab his weapon all bets were off! Then there’s the initiation of physical assault from her. Further representing that she is obviously unstable, and any future action by her would be unpredictable at best.
    This officers safety was at risk, as well as that of the other officers involved especially those apprehending the resistant male, and the general population. I am impressed with this officers conduct, and feel his reaction was quite reserved for what was deserved.
    I am glad this event was recorded, for I fear that the already luedicris accusations at hand would have been further sensationalized and the true series of events incredibly dramatized.
    I hope that once tempers cool, and the smoke has cleared some new prospective will be discovered by those involved (particularly that of the woman involved). I hope that her misjudgments will be able to surface once the situation settles; Though in all honesty this is probably not going to be the case.
    As the wife of a civil servant I never say “goodby” to my husband, I say “come home!” I would hope if he were in this situation he would not let the possible or prospective peer pressure of the situation detour his better judgement and training, resulting in harm.
    In the end this officer acted appropriately despite her misconduct, he was able to go home to his family, as was all other parties involved (or jail if that be the case). This woman’s child was not harmed and the very explosive situation was diffused.
    This situation could have had a very different, less favorable outcome for all those involved and still would have been in compliance to the department training and protocol of the officer(s) involved.
    This officer should be commended on his conduct and for the end result of his actions.

  • As a resident of Rochester NY, I would like to point out a few details that have been happening since this video went viral. The woman has been charged with felony assault and is awaiting arraignment. Her brother was also arrested for whatever initial charge had brought the police there in the first place. There is a huge, overinflated brouhaha going on here about this case, but I stand by my police chief (for once, I’m not super fond of him in general) in defending his officers’ behavior. There are all sorts of highly vocal groups calling for the officer to step down, for the CHIEF to step down, all sorts of craziness because she’s a woman and whatnot. Bottom line to me is this…if you assault an officer of the law, you have got what’s coming to you. I don’t care if your skin is freaking purple! Race has nothing to with this other than the sad fact that is a cultural norm for some people to engage in violence as a way to get their own way in everything. Hate on me all you want, but it’s true. Poor, barely educated people will do anything except take responsibility for their actions, black, white, latino or other.

  • All joking and butt crack aside, Brenda should have just complied with the police officer period, if she was hostile none of this would have ever happened. A friend of mine was in a somewhat similar position, out on the street, opened his mouth and got snippy with the police, things escalated and he ended up damn near being tazered and ran into the side of a parked bronco. If he had just kept his mouth shut and listened to us when we said just comply and be civil, he wouldn’t have been arrested. All that aside, there is one woman in all that nonsense that the group in the video should have listened to, the young lady that repeatedly says to “stop hollering because no one will listen” and then a few seconds later she tries to reiterate herself saying “act civil and they’ll listen to you”. Hello, where was this common sense a few minutes before hand when Miss Brenda was acting a damn fool!

  • Its a sub culture that these officers have to deal with on a daily basis. Its sad but true. This shit happens every shift for these guys and woman protecting us. If you act like an asshole you will be treated like one. None of these cops should be or will be charged with anything and none of them will step down. I think this congregation that is going to organize the protest should be locked up for disturbing the peace and the police should show up in riot gear ready to fight! Ok probably not going to happen. But really! When will this shit end and when will the media stop catoring to this sub culture that is ruining our cities and our country. Why wer’nt any of those folks at work anyways. whats up with that. they all had the day off? If they were at work none of this would have happened and they would be contributing to society and not leaching off of it. Assuming this of course. but I challenge some one to prove me wrong. Get a job Brenda and your 16 yo brother looks pretty capable of getting a job too. And the guy recording might want to look into a film career. Get a life people and stop screwing with the cops. and they wont screw with you.

  • I can honestly say he was talking to someone out of frame about “do not touch that” because if you go towards the end of the video the officers pick something up from either the ground or the car. Someone was about to take off with evidence. But I did not see her grab his gun, I did though see where she tried to grab his manhood just before he smacked her in the head. With that being said; I’m so tired of white people, Hispanic, black people and any other color of people treating cops as if they are the criminals. I stand behind the officers 100% until its proven he/she did anything wrong and still depending. Everyone is bitching at how our police forces are getting militarized and using weapons the military uses. Well yeah! Have you seen these bloody fools (all races) with their ar style weapons, bullet proof vests, riot gear. It’s not like it used to be. These surplus stores and some online sell anything to the public which I’m guilty of doing myself. But I do it for a specific AR rifle not the police gear. My point is if they do not militarize themselves are they just supposed to get shot and killed? If so then we should just get rid of the police forces and board up our houses and if anyone sets foot near myself or my family watch me blow em out of the sky. But back to the video this woman and her brother and others around were resisting arrest, causing a disturbance and assaulting officers of the law. Everyone of them should have been arrested. They also should feel thankful that officer showed restraint and didn’t either tazer her ass or kill her. IF he was a “bad cop” like they are trying to make out he would have no matter if she was pregnant or not. And if I was that officer and a guy, I guarantee you someone try to reach around and grab my manhood I’m gonna get physical and your going down and down hard. Homie don’t play that game. If everyone would just calm the f@ck down and even if you think you did nothing wrong calm down let the officer do HIS job most likely you will go home not to jail. Quit acting as if LEO’s are out to get ya. They are doing their jobs and that entails knowing your city or counties rules and ordinances most likely 100% more than you. And quite frankly, quit doing illegal shit! I guarantee if you did you’d never have to see them again unless you needed them. It’s seriously THAT simple, why people don’t get it I have no idea. Sorry so long but I feel it had to be said.

  • While I agree with everything except for one thing she wasn’t actually reaching for his weapon. She was reaching for his other package in an attempt to physically harm the officer! She also continued her antics in the courtroom as well?!

  • All I have to say is the moron video taping thought he was catching police abuse when in fact he created a great piece of evidence to exonerate the officer. Way to go stupid!

  • As a kid, I lived in Rochester during the summer with my Uncle. I now live right on the outskirts of the city. It is sad that this had to happen, but I will say even now I am still proud of the Rochester Police. Our city has had some rough times with all the crime that has been happening lately. It’s our police that are always there to protect us. I was brought up to never talk back to a police officer and to this day I have never been pulled over and I always treat police and troopers with respect. Even today I still wave to the cop that sits right outside my complex, who is trying to catch the speeders. Personally I would like to give that officer a hug and let him know that though it was a difficult situation, he did his job. He is going to have to watch his back now unfortunately because you know that there will be people that side with the people in the video who got arrested and you know that someone out there is crazy enough to try and seek revenge. I just hope that none of the officers in this video are harmed by people that decided to seek revenge.

  • The woman did make an ass of herself by fighting with the cops and going on and on. She needed to comply rather than fight back. But things are really really tense in the city these days as Rochester has a history of police brutality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgaAcsmx1o0 … as far as video taping the incident(s) … it creates conversation and holds people accountable, both of those are good things.

  • She was being arrested because she was in a physical fist fight in the street with her own mother and is currently still in jail because she failed to raise the $7k for bail. The video was taken because they are trying to scam the city for money playing the I am a Victim and the race card. Her brother tried to get in the way and he was arrested as well. They new what they were doing and there for RPD is not at fault

  • I just said at dinner at my moms yesterday what part of “enforcement” do people not understand?

    You cannot interfere with an ongoing arrest and then resist arrest yourself! Once they’ve decided that your going downtown, there’s no bargaining or fighting it! Any common sense she would have just went nicely or better yet not tried to interfere with her brothers arrest she wouldn’t have had to worry about her baby? But yet she wouldn’t have gotten her 10 seconds of fame either…

    He did not do anything beyond his training, he could have maced her, tazed her, beat her with his night stick. He was completely appropriate because I see trash like that everyday and I would have probably abused my authority and just housed that slob!

    Ugh the disgust that fills our city!

    • If you would have “hosed* that slob,” knowing full well that she is pregnant, then you are of the same caliber of character you crudely object to.

      • Correction to you, I said HOUSED that slob not hosed her. Which if you analyzed my comments appropriately I meant I wouldn’t have been as patient as that officer and I would have dropped her like a stack of bricks. Pay attention closely.
        How can you confirm her pregnancy? She isn’t visibly pregnant and unless you can confirm and prove that, it’s a stunt just as recording the arrest being a stunt as well. Her unborn baby wasnt her concern when she was fighting the officer or out fighting in the street, so do yourself a favor and don’t lose sleep over taking yourself too seriously. Disgusting, immoral individuals as the ones in this video infest the streets of rochester and unless you live here, you don’t have the opportunity to know how disgusting it really is.

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